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Monday, Sep 11
Atrium Blog 4:46pm Robyn Fila updated Alex Lloyd- Blog 4: One Adventure's End is Another's Beginning
Atrium Blog 4:45pm Robyn Fila updated Will Howling - Blog 2.5: 6 Quick Takeaways from Living in a Rural Indian Village
Atrium Blog 4:43pm Robyn Fila updated Will Howling - Blog 2: Two Hours in Titana, or "Skin Color in India"
Atrium Blog 4:35pm Robyn Fila updated Luc Nadeau - Blog 3: On Pluralism and Political Islam
Atrium Blog 4:32pm Robyn Fila updated Sasha Mosky - Blog 3: A Taxing Situation: A look at on the ground responses to India’s most significant tax reform
Atrium Blog 4:29pm Robyn Fila updated Duncan Chalmers - Blog 3: Feasting, Religion, and Gender - Experiences of a Karenni Funeral
Atrium Blog 4:22pm Robyn Fila updated Chad Boissy - Blog 1: Pre Departure Introduction
Atrium Blog 4:21pm Robyn Fila updated Rachel Barr - Blog 3: Disconnection and resislency
Atrium Blog 4:20pm Robyn Fila updated Will Howling - Blog 3: Awakening to the tangled web of child marriage in Haryana
Atrium Blog 4:17pm Robyn Fila updated Marlin Beswetherick - Blog 3: An Unequal Price
Monday, Sep 4
Atrium Blog 11:23pm Loreen Regnander updated Blog 3: Anarchy! ..In the heart of India? - The power (and deep-rooted history) of community-based direct action in rural Indian villages
Atrium Blog 11:18pm Loreen Regnander updated Blog 2.4: We Art United
Atrium Blog 11:16pm Loreen Regnander updated Blog 2.2: Lost in the Art of Translation – Understanding the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in Sunderkera
Atrium Blog 11:15pm Loreen Regnander updated Blog 2.3: City by Night - A reflection of exploring Raipur one evening during Ganesh Chaturthi.
Atrium Blog 11:12pm Loreen Regnander updated Blog 2.1: From the villages of Chhattisgarh – Tales of challenges, cooperation and mutual inspiration