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Charli Mohammed - Blog 4: The role of the media in shaping perceptions of foreign domestic workers

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In Singapore, the media has a very important role in manufacturing perceptions of foreign workers. In the past three months I have witnessed how the media can shape local perceptions of foreign domestic workers, such as news reports of incidences where domestic workers have murdered employers and vice versa. I have also seen the mental health of domestic workers discussed in the news. These sorts of reports become a part of discussions about domestic workers among the public.

Charli Mohammed - Blog 1: Introduction Interview

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Blog post

Charli Mohammed

April 29th, 2016

Victoria, BC

Introductory Interview with Charli Mohammed. She discusses with Janice that she will be doing her research in Singapore with Indonesian domestic workers from June to September 2016. She talks about her project and what she hopes to gain from her experience in Singapore.



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