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Duncan Chalmers - Blog 3: Feasting, Religion, and Gender - Experiences of a Karenni Funeral

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A number of weekends ago, August 5th to 7th to be exact, was an interesting one here at SDC. A hive of activity. A cornucopia of sounds. A true array of emotions. One could use all of these expressions to describe it. However, the one word that seems to best represent the happenings of this particular weekend stands as one of a much simpler diction: Fascinating. And oh what a fascinating three days it was. I say this for a number of reasons, but perhaps most notably due to the critical intersections the events exhibited with the concepts of religion and gender. Allow me to elaborate.

Duncan Chalmers - Blog 1: Reflections, Thoughts, and Pre-departure Dialogue

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Blog post

CAPI predepature interview, facilitated by Loreen Regnander. Introductory thoughts and reflections regarding my upcoming internship placement at the Karenni Social Development Centre, located along the Thai-Myanmar border. 


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