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Marlin Beswetherick - Blog 3: An Unequal Price

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Blog post

Recently, my job has given me the opportunity to hear about the realities of life as a refugee in Malaysia. It’s not pretty and there is no ‘one story’ that can encapsulate it. While all experiences are diverse and varied, one of the main factors of this variation can be boiled down to wealth. Privileges that are so taken for granted we hardly recognize as privilege must be bought (and the price is steep).

Marlin Beswetherick - Blog 1: Introduction Interview

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Blog post

My name is Marlin Beswetherick and this is my first Podcast! Rasheedah White is interviewing me abbout my upcoming internship with MSRI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, what I'll be doing there and what I am looking forward to most!



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