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Archive: May 2017

Rachel Barr - Podcast 1: Introducing myself!!

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Blog post

Hello!! Warmest welcome to my blog/podcast. My name is Rachel Barr, I completed my Gender Studies degree in 2014 and now am on the road to pursing a Masters in Counselling.


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Bhiamie Eckford-Williamson - Blog 3: At the journey's end

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Well, I have made it home to Australia in one piece! After almost two years of living in Canada, I returned to the warmth and sunshine of my great southern land. It is a strange feeling of being home again, and as much as this saying is insufficient, my life is not the same since I first embarked on my international studies. This (my final) blog will detail some of the significant learning’s that have impacted me most. By reflecting in this way I will attempt to explain how I feel my outlook to life, work and politics has changed.

Alex Lloyd- Blog 2: Conferences, Conventions, and Conversations

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Blog post

Many greetings CAPI community!

I have to say, I am not sure of the best way to kick this blog post off. A lot has been happening, and it seems like I have been incredibly lucky thus far! I kicked off my research by presenting at, and acting as a convener for, the Multimedia, Mobility, & the Digital Southeast Asian Family workshop that took place at La Trobe University here in Melbourne towards the end of April and it was a smashing success! I met many spectacular scholars whose research interests were very relevant to my own, and many important conversations were had. I also received a great deal of positive and constructive feedback for my own research at the most perfect time.