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Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 2: Feminism and Leadership in Bangladesh

Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 2: Feminism and Leadership in Bangladesh

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While I was in Bangladesh I met a few absolutely incredible women. They were involved in diverse fields, all bound by feminism and resistance. I was inspired and in awe of all of them and decided I wanted to share their experiences and work. Subsequently I’ve put together a short podcast series documenting these women and their impact through interviews.

I met Mowmita in Chittagong, Bangladesh, through one of my Dhaka friends. From the moment we started talking I was infected with her passion and vigor. Mowmita, along with a few other students from her university, started the Center for Leadership Assistance and Promotion foundation. CLAP is a local Chittagong organization that aims to promote community leadership through youth engagement with social issues. Specifically CLAP specializes in minority issues. Currently they are training local youth to build the capacity of Hijra communities to engage in alternative livelihood strategies. Hijra are members of the third gender community in Bangladesh and subsequently are highly stigmatized and ostracized. As a result they have extremely limited livelihood options; CLAP teaches transferrable skills to youth, along with gender training, and links them with local Hijra communities. Listen to the podcast to hear about CLAP’s work, what it’s like being a woman in a leadership position in Bangladesh, and the growing feminist movement in the country!  


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