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Jamie Myrah - Blog 3: Towards the Next Great Life-Altering Adventure

Jamie Myrah - Blog 3: Towards the Next Great Life-Altering Adventure

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Internships provide for a unique working experience. They are an opportunity to try a certain kind of job on for size; to apply your skills and knowledge in a new arena; and - in the context of being a university student - to get out of the classroom and ground our learning in a world beyond our own. An internship done while in the midst of doing a degree is about far more than knowledge transfer and skills development. It's about exploration. It's about taking the next step towards crafting your future.

My time spent in India marked the passing of the midway point of my time in law school. My experience in India - and of my internship in particular - has been instrumental in shaping some of the decisions I've made about my future career goals. My work with PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia) gave me the chance to hone my research and writing skills, explore cultural determinants of development, and deepen my appreciation for the potential of participatory democracy to be a key driver of social change. It helped me realize the value I place on collaboration and teamwork in my work life. It allowed me to try new things and revealed to me the range of skills I already bring to the table. 

And that was all just at work; an international internship is about so much more than just the work! The real story of a CAPI intern is one of boundaries pushed, of new perspectives gained. It is less a story of skills being built, but rather one of qualities being nurtured. Qualities like curiosity, trust, resolve, courage, and openness. The personal growth that occurs when you spend six months living your life in a completely new and foreign context is the kind of growth that inspires action within oneself. It alters the course of your life. The people I met, the relationships we formed; the places I saw, the memories we created... in reflecting back upon it all it's easy to conclude that the most important experiences I had in India had very little to do with my job. Instead, the most important experiences I had can be found in the most unexpected moments: staring out the window of a bus watching palm trees and villages pass by; sitting in a cave full of bees with fast-friends and a holy man; standing on my head in the Himalayas. 

To claim that my CAPI internship was a challenging and worthwhile learning experience is to state the obvious. And while the obvious is often still worthy of mention, in this case it barely begins to scratch the surface. But that is how I spent all of my time in India: just barely beginning to scratch the surface. And yet, in the end, all those beginnings have added up to something much greater than the sum of its parts. And that elusive "something", it continues to grow within me, inspiring me and guiding me towards the next great life-altering adventure.