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Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 3: Women in Bangladesh: How far we've come, how far we still have to go.

Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 3: Women in Bangladesh: How far we've come, how far we still have to go.

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While I was in Bangladesh I met a few absolutely incredible women. They were involved in diverse fields, all bound by feminism and resistance. I was inspired and in awe of all of them and decided I wanted to share their experiences and work. Subsequently I’ve put together a short podcast series documenting these women and their impact through interviews.

I met Marina on one of my first days in Bangladesh. She is in charge of all the field programs and grassroots level interventions at the NGO I worked for, RMMRU. Marina’s interview was especially interesting because  it provided me with a point of reference and some much needed perspective on how far Bangladeshi feminism has come in the past two decades. Marina’s outlook was significantly more positive about the current state of gender oppression in Bangladesh. In the interview she discusses the social and economic empowerment of Bangladeshi women and the impact this has on their future. Marina also points out the complexity of gender relations in Bangladesh. During the interview, Marina is very cautious about confounding different political issues with gender relations. I think through her work she has come to understand the complexity of Bangladeshi politics and dangers of neatly categorizing prevailing issues. This interview taught me that although gender operates at every level, and is relevant in every conversation, it is not the root of every issue. 


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