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Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 4: Women in Bangladesh: Slut Shaming and Patriarchy in Cyberspace

Marguerite Heyns - Podcast 4: Women in Bangladesh: Slut Shaming and Patriarchy in Cyberspace

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While I was in Bangladesh I met a few absolutely incredible women. They were involved in diverse fields, all bound by feminism and resistance. I was inspired and in awe of all of them and decided I wanted to share their experiences and work. Subsequently I’ve put together a short podcast series documenting these women and their impact through interviews.

I met Priota Iftekar after seeing her perform in an incredibly powerful rendition of the Vagina Monologues in Dhaka. In the past I had seen a few different productions of the play, and had even performed one of the monologues as part of a drama class. When I sat down in the theater, in a small community center in Dhanmondi, I was expecting a fairly conservative interpretation of the script. Up until that point, I had encountered very little feminism in Dhaka; moreover, the concept of female sexuality seemed utterly taboo. Needless to say, my entire view of feminism in Bangladesh was altered that evening. The production addressed everything from the prevalent rate of sexual assualt, to homosexuality, to female pleasure. It was absolutely amazing. About a month after the performance, I happened to run into Priota at a social event and we instantly hit it off. She is one of the most driven and inspirational people I met during my time in Bangladesh. Take a listen to us discussing cyber slut shaming, resistence against patriarchy, and modern Bangladeshi feminism. 


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