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Atrium Blog Kenda Chang-Swanson - Blog 4: Public Space, Loitering, and Feminist Activism
Public space, loitering, and feminist activism may seem like disjointed entities. So, it might be even more confusing for you, dear reader of this...
Kenda Chang Swanson 11:35am Sep 9, 2016
Atrium Blog Kenda Chang-Swanson - Blog 3: Field Experiences in Anandapuram Mandal
Hi there, I have now been working in the PRIA Visakhapatnam field office for almost a month now. Being in the field has brought a lot of new...
Kenda Chang Swanson 12:39am Sep 4, 2016
Atrium Blog Sidney Moss - Blog 3: Shut Up and Listen
As mentioned in my previous post, my first month in India was spent at the PRIA office in Delhi where I learned the details and background of the...
Sidney Moss 12:22pm Jul 31, 2016