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Atrium Blog Danielle Leblanc-Cyr - Blog 4: Discussions (Rather than Debates) on Immigration
Having spent the past week in the West Java Hills, Indonesia, a slight detour on my way home to Canada from Quezon City, I have had plenty of time to...
Danielle LeBlanc Cyr 3:06pm Mar 14, 2017
Atrium Blog David Fox - Blog 3: The Complexities of Workplace Culture (GE)
I’ve been reflecting a lot recently about what it means to be a worker, specifically in the context of the not-for-profit / non-government / civil...
David Fox 12:05pm Jan 27, 2017
Atrium Blog Danielle Leblanc-Cyr - Blog 3: Advertising in the Philippines and its Potential Impacts (GE)
Before beginning this blog post, I think it’s important to say that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any qualification that allows me to say for sure...
Danielle LeBlanc Cyr 8:42am Jan 6, 2017
Atrium Blog Bethlehem Daniel - Blog 3: Colourism in the Philippines (GOV)
Colourism in the Philippines Living in the Philippines has been very interesting, because it has forced me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone...
Bethlehem Daniel 6:10am Dec 30, 2016
Atrium Blog Danielle Leblanc-Cyr - Blog 2: Smog, Skin and Settling In (ES)
It’s all too easy to take for granted the everyday amenities that life in Canada has to offer. Some might say that drinkable (not to mention...
Danielle LeBlanc Cyr 5:33am Oct 11, 2016
Atrium Blog David Fox - Blog 2: In Defence of the Barangay (GOV)
For my second blog, I've chosen to share a few thoughts on the Barangay system in the Philippines. 
David Fox 6:58am Oct 10, 2016
Atrium Blog Aracy Selvakumar - Blog 1: Interview with Dave Fox 2016 CAPI IYIP Intern
Hi! This is my first CAPI IYIP blog post. The whole intern group is still in Victoria, B.C with our departure dates fast approaching! This is an...
Aracy Selvakumar 11:53am Aug 6, 2016
Atrium Blog Bethlehem Daniel - Blog 1: Introductions to my thoughts on the Philippines & CMA
This is an introductory interview on my thoughts on living in Quezon City, working for the Centre for Migrant Advocacy and my decision to intern...
Bethlehem Daniel 11:35am Aug 6, 2016
Atrium Blog Kieran Stevens - Blog 1: Danielle Interviews Me!
This is an interview that Danielle conducted with me about my motivations and hopes for my internship in Bangladesh as part of the 2016 CAPI...
Kieran Stevens 11:14am Aug 6, 2016
Atrium Blog Danielle Leblanc-Cyr - Blog 1: Intro Podcast
A quick interview with Kieran to do a brief introduction and give some background information about my participation in the 2016 CAPI Internship...
Danielle LeBlanc Cyr 11:05am Aug 6, 2016