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Atrium Blog Zahura Ahmed - Blog 2: Different values for different lives (GE)
Below, I have shared some of the thoughts I have had since starting my placement with BOMSA. Any reference to migrant workers refers only to domestic...
Zahura Ahmed 1:12pm Mar 6, 2017
Atrium Blog David Fox - Blog 3: The Complexities of Workplace Culture (GE)
I’ve been reflecting a lot recently about what it means to be a worker, specifically in the context of the not-for-profit / non-government / civil...
David Fox 12:05pm Jan 27, 2017
Atrium Blog Bethlehem Daniel - Blog 3: Colourism in the Philippines (GOV)
Colourism in the Philippines Living in the Philippines has been very interesting, because it has forced me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone...
Bethlehem Daniel 6:10am Dec 30, 2016
Atrium Blog Katherine Gust - Blog 3: What can we do? (GOV)
What can we do? You tell me there is a problem, A problem that is hard to change, One that, “I will never fully understand, even if I had observed...
Katherine Gust 3:44pm Dec 4, 2016
Atrium Blog Nate Jost - Blog 3: Logframes on Steroids (GOV)
Logframes on Steroids Within the last week I’ve come across several cases where the Logframe has been confused with Theory of Change. I’ve seen it in...
Nate Jost 10:10am Dec 1, 2016
Atrium Blog Tasneem Bhaidu – Blog 2: The Power of English (GOV)
The following is a reflection piece of how I perceive the English language holds so much power, even in Bangladesh's civil society. I write about the...
Tasneem Bhaidu 7:50am Oct 24, 2016
Atrium Blog Danielle Leblanc-Cyr - Blog 2: Smog, Skin and Settling In (ES)
It’s all too easy to take for granted the everyday amenities that life in Canada has to offer. Some might say that drinkable (not to mention...
Danielle LeBlanc Cyr 5:33am Oct 11, 2016
Atrium Blog Luke Yang - Blog 2: The Intricacies of Documenting Labour Migration (GOV)
As I pen this blog, I have already been immersed in the work of Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) just over a month. Over the past month...
Luke Yang 7:00am Oct 10, 2016
Atrium Blog David Fox - Blog 2: In Defence of the Barangay (GOV)
For my second blog, I've chosen to share a few thoughts on the Barangay system in the Philippines. 
David Fox 6:58am Oct 10, 2016