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Atrium Blog Alex Lloyd - Blog 3: There's Something About Melbourne
Halo dari sisi lain dunia! Two months into my placement and it feels like a whirlwind! I have had the unbelievable fortune of building 16 beautiful...
Alex Lloyd 1:19pm Jul 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Alex Lloyd- Blog 2: Conferences, Conventions, and Conversations
Many greetings CAPI community! I have to say, I am not sure of the best way to kick this blog post off. A lot has been happening, and it seems like I...
Alex Lloyd 11:09am May 24, 2017
Atrium Blog Alex Lloyd- Blog 1: Oh, the Places You'll Go.
Hello fellow globetrotters! My name is Alex Lloyd. I figure I will kick off my blog for CAPI and QES while I sit here in the Los Angeles Airport for...
Alex Lloyd 2:09pm May 1, 2017