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Atrium Blog Katherine Gust - Blog 3: What can we do? (GOV)
What can we do? You tell me there is a problem, A problem that is hard to change, One that, “I will never fully understand, even if I had observed...
Katherine Gust 3:44pm Dec 4, 2016
Atrium Blog Shanzeh Ameen - Blog 2: The Story of P.M. Tamang
One of my responsibilities at POURAKHI Nepal’s Safe House, a space for returnee female migrant workers not immediately able to rejoin their community...
Shanzeh Ameen 12:38am Feb 17, 2016
Atrium Blog Shanzeh Ameen - Blog 2: Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) at POURAKHI Nepal
My first blog post is on the use of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) by Jamuna Giri, the in-house counsellor at the safe house run by POURAKHI Nepal for...
Shanzeh Ameen 11:34am Jan 22, 2016