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Atrium Blog Will Howling - Blog 2: Two Hours in Titana, or "Skin Color in India"
Saturday, June 10th, marked nearly a month of living and working in India for me. It also marked one of the most interesting and peculiar days of my...
Will Howling 4:43pm Sep 11, 2017
Atrium Blog Will Howling - Blog 3: Awakening to the tangled web of child marriage in Haryana
My third blog entry also marks the completion of my third month in India. During these past three months I've been learning more and more about...
Will Howling 4:20pm Sep 11, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 3: Anarchy! ..In the heart of India? - The power (and deep-rooted history) of community-based direct action in rural Indian villages
     I have struggled with figuring out the ways to express all that has been accumulating in my head over the past couple of months...
Loreen Regnander 11:23pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.2: Lost in the Art of Translation – Understanding the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in Sunderkera
This blog post will discuss my visit to the village of Sundekera, where I met with various community leaders and frontline workers, where we spoke on...
Loreen Regnander 11:16pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.1: From the villages of Chhattisgarh – Tales of challenges, cooperation and mutual inspiration
(August 9, 2017 )This blog post will discuss my field visit to Donde Khurd, a village about 20km outside of Raipur, Chhattisgarh where I participated...
Loreen Regnander 11:12pm Sep 4, 2017
Rachel Barr - Blog 2: Conversation from three perspectives.
Hello. This podcast is a conversation between three interns, Will and I are from UVic and Dawa is from the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. In...
Rachel Barr 12:56pm Jul 5, 2017
Atrium Blog Rachel Barr - Podcast 1: Introducing myself!!
Hello!! Warmest welcome to my blog/podcast. My name is Rachel Barr, I completed my Gender Studies degree in 2014 and now am on the road to...
Rachel Barr 1:19pm Jul 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Loreen Regnander - Blog 2: The Women of Lal Kuan (untold stories and other reflections)
  “People cannot be developed; they can only develop themselves” - Budd Hall  When you visit New Delhi, you might notice the greenness and...
Loreen Regnander 1:11pm Jul 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Sasha Mosky - Blog 2: A bag for your bag? Reflections of waste in Delhi.
Becoming familiar with a new place involves learning about new cultures, trying new food, and becoming familiar with a new locality. For me, getting...
Sasha Mosky 12:44pm Jul 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Tyler Blackman - Blog1: Thinking about 'de-growth' in Kerala, India
An introduction to Tyler's academic background and Master's research in Kerala, India. 
Tyler Blackman 2:14pm May 1, 2017