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Tagged: India (September 2017)

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Atrium Blog Blog 3: Anarchy! ..In the heart of India? - The power (and deep-rooted history) of community-based direct action in rural Indian villages
     I have struggled with figuring out the ways to express all that has been accumulating in my head over the past couple of months...
Loreen Regnander 11:23pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.2: Lost in the Art of Translation – Understanding the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in Sunderkera
This blog post will discuss my visit to the village of Sundekera, where I met with various community leaders and frontline workers, where we spoke on...
Loreen Regnander 11:16pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.1: From the villages of Chhattisgarh – Tales of challenges, cooperation and mutual inspiration
(August 9, 2017 )This blog post will discuss my field visit to Donde Khurd, a village about 20km outside of Raipur, Chhattisgarh where I participated...
Loreen Regnander 11:12pm Sep 4, 2017