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Atrium Blog Blog 3: Anarchy! ..In the heart of India? - The power (and deep-rooted history) of community-based direct action in rural Indian villages
     I have struggled with figuring out the ways to express all that has been accumulating in my head over the past couple of months...
Loreen Regnander 11:23pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.4: We Art United
During a table conversation at a state Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) dinner with Govt officials, NGO leaders and Bureaucrats; one man, a Dean...
Loreen Regnander 11:18pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Blog 2.1: From the villages of Chhattisgarh – Tales of challenges, cooperation and mutual inspiration
(August 9, 2017 )This blog post will discuss my field visit to Donde Khurd, a village about 20km outside of Raipur, Chhattisgarh where I participated...
Loreen Regnander 11:12pm Sep 4, 2017
Atrium Blog Duncan Chalmers - Blog 2: "Hurry up and wait": Flexibility, community, and the little joys of everyday life at SDC.
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! This coming week marks one month of working and living at the Karenni Social Development Centre in Mae Hong...
Duncan Chalmers 12:49pm Jul 4, 2017