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Atrium Blog Joel Toorenburgh - Blog 6: The Bubble
**Disclaimer: The following is personal blog based on my individual experience in Dhaka, Bangladesh.**  Washing one's hands of the conflict...
Joel Toorenburgh 2:51pm Mar 14, 2017
Atrium Blog Zachary Brabazon - Blog 6: Interview with Mahbubur Rahman, Pt. 1 Zachary Brabazon 8:08am Nov 16, 2016
Atrium Blog Kieran Stevens - Blog 1: Danielle Interviews Me!
This is an interview that Danielle conducted with me about my motivations and hopes for my internship in Bangladesh as part of the 2016 CAPI...
Kieran Stevens 11:14am Aug 6, 2016
Atrium Blog Joel Toorenburgh - Blog 1: Introductory Podcast (interviewed by Emma De Vynck)
Name: Joel Toorenburgh Date: 29 April 2016 Location: University of Victoria Title: Introductory Podcast Summary: Introduction to Joel and his...
Joel Toorenburgh 10:40am May 5, 2016