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Atrium Blog Joel Toorenburgh - Blog 6: The Bubble
**Disclaimer: The following is personal blog based on my individual experience in Dhaka, Bangladesh.**  Washing one's hands of the conflict...
Joel Toorenburgh 2:51pm Mar 14, 2017
Atrium Blog Zahura Ahmed - Blog 4: Challenging Dominant Narratives - GOV
Nearing the end of my internship, I find myself thinking a lot about what I’ve learned and what I will take back with me to Canada. I feel like I...
Zahura Ahmed 1:39pm Mar 7, 2017
Atrium Blog Nicola Craig Hora - Blog 6: Planning for the Unimaginable
Disasters are unpredictable and can occur without warning. It is this unpredictability that complicates the act of planning for a large-scale...
Nicola Craig Hora 1:04pm Mar 6, 2017
Atrium Blog Hannah Shin - Blog 3: Understanding indigenous fishing knowledge and customary practices in the Gulf of Mottama, Myanmar
Mingalaba fellow readers, I have been with the Network Activities Group (NAG) for about three months now, and so much as happened, and I am finding...
Hannah Shin 12:56pm Mar 6, 2017
Atrium Blog Nate Jost - Blog 3: Logframes on Steroids (GOV)
Logframes on Steroids Within the last week I’ve come across several cases where the Logframe has been confused with Theory of Change. I’ve seen it in...
Nate Jost 10:10am Dec 1, 2016
Atrium Blog Sophia Mayen - Blog 3: Sewage Treatment in Yokohama
This is a podcast about one of Yokohama's sewage treatment facilities. Nicola and I sit down and talk about some of our take-aways from the tour and...
Sophia Mayen 3:08am Aug 10, 2016
Atrium Blog David Fox - Blog 1: Interview with CAPI Intern Aracy Selvakumar
A pre-departure interview with fellow CAPI intern Aracy Selvakumar about her upcoming placement.
David Fox 11:42am Aug 6, 2016