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Tagged "Japan; CITYNET"

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Atrium Blog Sophia Mayen - Blog 3: Yokohama Disaster Preparedness Drill
I had the opportunity to take part and witness the Yokohama Annual Disaster Drill in August. For this blog post I have made an infographic to...
Sophia Mayen 2:25pm Sep 12, 2016
Atrium Blog Sophia Mayen - Blog 3: Sewage Treatment in Yokohama
This is a podcast about one of Yokohama's sewage treatment facilities. Nicola and I sit down and talk about some of our take-aways from the tour and...
Sophia Mayen 3:08am Aug 10, 2016
Atrium Blog Sophia Mayen - Blog 2: Earthquake preparedness // Am I prepared?
This is my second blog post on the CAPI blog website. I discuss my experiences with earthquakes and things I've learned about disaster preparedness...
Sophia Mayen 8:32am Jun 28, 2016
Atrium Blog Sophia Mayen - Blog 1: Introduction
 In this podcast I sit down with Elena and give a brief introduction and talk a little about myself and my internship placement in Yokohama,...
Sophia Mayen 4:58pm May 4, 2016