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Tagged "Malaysia"

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Atrium Blog Danae Zachari - Blog 6: Unaccompanied and Separated Refugee Children
In this last blog of an incredible experience at MSRI, I look at one of the sub-population of MSRI beneficiaries - Unaccompanied and separated...
Danae Zachari 5:59am Dec 30, 2016
Atrium Blog Elena Lopez - Blog 4: Fieldwork
In this blog post, I delve into the challenges and rewards of doing fieldwork. This is my second time doing fieldwork, and while I am still a...
Elena Lopez 8:28am Sep 6, 2016
Atrium Blog Elena Lopez - Blog 2: Mega Games and Labour Migration
In June 2016, I began my stay with the organization Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) in their regional Asia & Pacific office...
Elena Lopez 9:37am Jun 27, 2016